[FIRST_NAME] , The lie about automated income

You probably see it every day..
Promises of automatic or automated income.
The promise you “push button riches” or “post this here and people will buy”.
I’m sure you have seen hype like this all around.

[FIRST_NAME] if you could set up “automatic” income, no one would need a job cause everyone could do it.
But there is some truth to the “automatic income” idea that you may not be aware of.
The key in marketing is to put your sales letter in front of a lot of INTERESTED prospects.
If somehow you could automate that, then you could have “automated income”
But most people don’t know how to put marketing in “Automatic”.
That’s where our 10DollarSystem comes in [FIRST_NAME] .
It’s not automatic… quite.
But it does put your sales letter (your personalized 10DollarSystem) in front of interested buyers.

And guess what…

That becomes paying customers in your GDI business.
The only thing not “automatic” about the 10DollarSystem is you have to pay for it over and over.
And then let it give you paying customers who pay you over and over.
It’s the closest thing to “automated income” that you will find…
Unless you know how to do that kind of marketing on your own…
and most people don’t.

That’s why the 10DollarSystem is so popular… it does the marketing for you.
Why not plug in and let the 10DollarSystem put money in your pocket?

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Kamil Kayahan