Three steps to success in product marketing

How to make money online selling products

Making money online is not as easy as it seems especially if you don’t know what you are doing but after reading this you will be somewhere in no time

I am going to show you three steps to success in the world of marketing and social media networks.

Step1:You need something to sell

Thats known to be the easisest step in marketing due to the fact that all companies and product makers need affiliate marketers to push sales.
If money is not flowing in that means you are not in business so nobody wants to find themselves in such situations. You can try click bank,Jvzoo…etc for products. Most products are there but they are not making huge sales but I believe that as a Marketer I can generate sales to any product because with most marketing gurus its hard to believe that your brain makes sales for your product not stats,I know you think I am crazy but look at this,you have a product that has 50 sales on Jvzoo and you happen to be an Affelliate in your mind you should know that even if you chose a product that has huge sales according to the market but for you to make a sale is about what you do with the product.

There are a lot of options out there that offer traffic but most are good but some are not good,the paid ones are a little tricky and the ones for free are very complicated.
There are a lot of great methods out there to get traffic but you just need someone to show you how you can access it and start to see great change in sales.
Nothing is nice as having a huge email list because that is where all your customers are direct. There a number of ways in which you can create an email list without you having to struggle with building it yourself,you can go to freelance stores like fiverr to buy gigs for as low as 5$.When you are fully subscribed on fiverr for free you now have your own shop where you can offer your own gigs and also buy gigs to grow your business.Contact me on my email I will give you 5 videos for free that will teach you how to use fiverr to make a living.

Step3:Trust and Authority
Well this one is a bit harder….
You can’t buy this,and its hard to fake authority to gain trust
and if you can’t build trust you will struggle to generate leads and sales online.
You must focus on building,authority and gaining trust. As a person who is in the business of marketing its important that your customers trust you and you can easily do that by giving them free offers in the form of Pdf’s. If I were a customer and I realise that what you selling me is good but still needs a lot of work to pull through due to the fact that I am new to the marketing business I won’t buy your product but a good marketer offers other products for free to get the customer to enjoy the benefits of being part of the team.That’s very important if you still want to be in the game for decades to come.