Turn Mins A Day Into A Good Monthly Income! . . .

Most PTC sites want you to spend your time viewing a number of ads for a certain amount of time each to earn money. Paid To Log In is different. The easiest Paid To Click site around. Join for free and log in once a day, view one ad for as long as you want. That is it we will pay you, daily, if you log in daily.
This is our Plan A)
Log in daily, view one ad for as long as you want and get paid. This usually takes under a minute to do. Repeat this for the next 10 days, then use your earnings to buy an upgrade, which is an earning unit, like a share of the site. This will increase the amount of earnings you will make daily. Continue to repeat this and watch your earnings grow. That Easy.

This is our Plan B)
Follow Plan A and promote your PTLI referral link.
There are lots of places and ways that you can use to promote. Any Social Media type sites that you belong to, any other Paid-To-Click type site/program, Traffic Exchanges, Safe-Lists and or Mailers that you may be using now to promote are a good place to start. The more places and ways that you can promote the more people that will see your offer.