RE: Can I ask you a quick question???

Hey — it’s Darren Jones…
Quick Quiz:
Do you know who made the MOST MONEY during the California Gold Rush of 1849?
Nope. It wasn’t the miners – digging for gold.
It was all of the MARKETERS selling picks and shovels to the miners.
Today, there’s ANOTHER “Gold Rush” —
Millions of people swarming online, looking for a way to make more money from home.
And guess what?
Just like before, smart marketers are cashing in – by selling “picks and shovels” to these millions of hopeful online entrepreneurs.
And — I’m one of them.
You see, I make commissions of up to $3,200 per sale – selling done-for-you traffic to these home business entrepreneurs.
When they join a new opportunity, the FIRST thing they need is what?
So I sell them traffic…
Which they capture as “leads” – and then those leads buy their product or join their opportunity…
And they make money!
THEN — Rinse/Repeat!
They come back, buy MORE traffic from me…
Get more leads, more signups, and more money.
And I keep getting MORE COMMISSIONS every time I sell more traffic.
So — why should you care that I’m making so much money selling traffic online?
Because —I’m inviting YOU to join me as a Traffic Reseller…
And ALSO get paid up to $3,200 per sale offering done-for-you traffic to the millions of online entrepreneurs all over the world.
How does it work?
How do you get started?
Great questions!
And they’re all answered in a short little video that I’ve put online.
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On this video, you’ll see how you can STOP chasing friends and family forever…
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There’s no chasing… only happy, excited buyers who WANT TRAFFIC!
SO — if you want to stop struggling…
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Best Wishes,
Darren Jones

P.S. I realized a long time ago that you can work hard – or you can work smart.
Well, I gave up working hard… and now I just work smart.
I don’t chase people. I give people want they’re desperate for.
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Best decision I ever made.
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