You Can’t Skim Your Way To Getting Rich Online

Do you remember when the last Harry Potter
book came out?

If you didn’t already have a copy of the
book on hold then you had no chance of getting
one. And even the people who did waited in
out-the-door lines just to get their reserved
copy. But that still didn’t stop the book
from selling 11 million copies on the first
day it was released.

But 47 minutes after the book was released one
woman told reporters she had already read the
book. She got the book at the same time as
everyone else. She had the same copy as
everyone else. The only difference was she
could read at 4,200 words per minute.

The woman’s name was Anne Jones and she
claimed that she read all 784 pages in under
an hour. Reporters tested her knowledge of the
plot and she passed.

Imagine if you could read that fast.

But Don’t try too hard. Because there are no
shortcuts to being knowledgeable.

There’s another name for speed reading.
It’s skimming.

There’s a part of the eye called the fovea
that is responsible for making out what we
see. It’s very small and can only focus on a
word or two at a time. Even very good readers
can only read around 300 words a minute.

The only way to read faster is to increase
your vocabulary and the rate at which you
identify words.

Which requires…. you guessed it- More

There are no short cuts to knowing about
something just like there are no shortcuts to
earning a fortune.

If you try to make a quick buck chances are
you’ll fail. And even if you do you’ll be
getting a fish without learning how to fish.

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Charles Brockus