Hi I have a question about your business?

Oh hi there,

Candace Lee here with a quick question if you don’t mind 🙂

What will your business look like going forward into
2019 if you keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing right

You see, you get to choose. It really IS up to you.

Because — whether through ACTION or INACTION — YOU
will be the one to determine exactly what your business
looks like at the end of 2019.

Not the economy. Not your company. Not your boss.
Not your parents. Not your spouse. Not the
politicians. Not your negative friends and relatives.


Sadly, most people simply do nothing.

It’s easy to just delete an email and keep going on with what
you’ve been doing. After all, there’s probably something on
TV right now. Maybe a Netflix show you haven’t watched yet.
But, if you’re still reading this, then your mind is on the
same track mine was when I first read an email like this one.

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Candace Lee

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