Why Do More Than 95% of Internet Marketers Fail?

Why is it that more than 95% of Internet Marketers fail to make a single penny online?

That is a good question. What is the answer? The truth is, most people who get involved in Internet Marketing have no idea where to start. There are many more who know how to get started, but are not committed to the task at hand.

There are business opportunities out there that lead you to believe that you make money “overnight” or that it takes little effort to earn an online income. The truth is…..if you want to start making at least a 3 to 4 digit monthly income, you will need to WORK! Internet marketing is just like any other business. You take care of the business, and the business will take care of you. In order to become a successful Internet Marketer, you will need to learn the various marketing methods available in order to earn a 4 to 6 digit monthly income.

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Rodney Little Jr.