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It has taken 4 years, but we are finally about to have our 1st Birthday. Say huh? You see, on Feb 29 2012 we launched ConversionSurf and The TripleA Plan, and the next Feb 29th will be this year, 2016. If anyone is still confused-2012 and 2016 are both Leap Years. So I want all of you to get ready. Naturally there will be some celebrations, Promo with Prizes etc, but there is also going to be great opportunities to earn Commissions, not just at ConversionSurf, but at a great many of the Programs in The TripleA Plan.

The Plan will be updated-lots of new information, with some old programs being removed and some new ones added. Plus a portion for complete newbies -and some information only for Lifetime Professionals. So start updating your ads and work schedule- you will want to pump CS from Feb 29th to March 6th.
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