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Organic Prospects: 3 People. 91 COMBINED Sales.

I have a fresh update for everyone
about Organic Prospects massive
new launch.

Last night I was on a 2 hour
4-way conference call with 3
of my marketing friends discussing
Organic Prospects.

Have you seen it yet?

We’ve been in for less three months
and are SHOCKED quite frankly at just
how well this service is working.

* My personal upline Trent has had 34
sales at a 75.00 price point.

* My financial adviser Gregory has
made 41 35.00 sales that are RECURRING.

* My own protege Ricardo has already enrolled
16 members at a 155.00 one time fee charge.

All just by signing up to OP and letting
them send their high converting leads
our way.

Getting these kind of numbers so soon
after joining is COMPLETELY unheard of.

I really hope your success email is the
next one I get.

Keep sending me your success stories people!

I absolutely love hearing from everyone.

Christian Sanders


How I Enrolled 67 Into 4 Corners Alliance Group.

Organic Prospects is
without a doubt the
easiest way to sign
up new people into
4 Corners Alliance.

All month long I’ve
been asked the exact
same question.

Will Organic Prospects
work for me?

100% without question YES!

I’m stunned at the
feedback I get every
day from 4CAG members
reporting daily sales
since signing up to
Organic Prospects.

Here’s how I first got started:

1. I joined OP.

2. I added my first batch
of 70 prospects into
the provided mailer.

3. Sent out the exact same email
I use on other safelists.

The returns have been Incredible.

I have enrolled 67 of
my Organic Prospects into
4 Corners and that number
is climbing DAILY.

There’s no doubt in
my mind that reaching
goals online is all
about making the right

If someone can benefit from
my advice just a little bit
then I can feel good about that.

Christian Sanders

p.s. I look forward to hearing
from you really soon!

4 Corners Alliance Group (10 Signups In 48 hrs)

I hope your all having a great
week spending lots of time
with family and friends.

I’m having a great week especially
since I checked my 4 Corners Alliance
stats this morning and found I got:

*5 Paid Sales Monday

*5 Paid Sales Tuesday

And the best part is:

– I only used one ad service
to get these signups

– I didn’t have to do any
work (they just saw my
site and joined)

– I know I’ll get another 15+
more members next week

How am I getting so many new
members you ask?

I’m using this ad site to promote
4 Corners Alliance Group:

I got a nice email from Tabatha
Ryan just this morning praising
the OP system for making her money.

“Thank-you for the recommendation.
I started promoting with OP 15 days
ago and just got my 8th new 4CAG member”

Wow that’s a pretty sweet message
don’t ya think?

Now does Organic Prospects
only work with certain programs?

No, it works with ANY type of site
you need traffic, leads and sales

It takes 5 minutes to register
and you receive 70 leads immediately.
Then 70 additional leads every 24hrs.

If you want to build your
downline deep and wide and
enroll immediately, then you
need to take control and join
right now.

Christian Sanders

p.s. you better hurry because OP has
only a few slots left…

4 Corners Alliance (47 Sales In 3 Weeks PROOF)

Since 8:51pm last night I’ve received
16 emails from 4 Corners Alliance members
raving about the biz opp leads Organic
Prospects is offering.

Have you checked out OP yet?

I’ve been in for three whole months
and am SHOCKED quite frankly at just
how well these leads are converting
into sales.

These OP leads are not just clicking
and visiting, they are BUYING from me.

Here is some of what you get when
you signup for Organic Prospects:

> Receive 2100 leads per month (70 daily)
> Free In-House Mailer (To Contact The Leads)
> 20% minimum View Rate guarantee
> Extremely high click through rates
> Detailed Tracking Stats

You absolutely NEED fresh buyers like
this if you want to make real money
promoting 4 Corners Alliance Group.

OP gives you the biz opp leads you
need plus the ability to mail them
all in one sweet package.

In my opinion this site is your best
chance of making a go of it online.

No other website comes close.

Christian Sanders

One more thing:

I believe there are seriously few memberships
left. Join now and you can partner with me
but only if you are super hungry to make
some real money.

START Promoting 4 Corners Alliance The Right Way

All 4 Corners Alliance Group
members need to LISTEN UP.

People have been raving non-
stop over Organic Prospects
converting real people into
their 4 Corners downlines.

Check out the email I just received
from a thrilled Four Corners member
who has made real money thanks to OP.

Hey Christian,

Thanks for telling me about Organic Prospects.

Since joining I’m hitting close to 3-4
new Four Corners signups every few days
and hopefully that keeps going up.

Checking my email for sales is now the best
part of my day so thanks again for the tip.

~ Brian Osbourne.

THIS is what it comes down to everyone.

You will start receiving new 4CAG members
when you get started with Organic Prospects.

100% without a doubt.

Heck if you could get 1 or 2 extra
sales a day over what you’re getting
now you WILL absolutely make more money.

You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars
promoting 4 Corners with tools that don’t
work when this service will work better than
the rest of them combined.

Trust me on this one 😉

Christian Sanders

Organic Prospects: I Joined. I Tested. My Results.

I’ve been testing Organic Prospects
along with 42 safelists for 3 months
and thought you would appreciate my
latest findings.

First up:

This service provides you 70 biz opp
leads every day and plus a free mailer
to contact them every 24hrs.

Here is what I did.

I sent out a single mailing to
6580 Organic Prospects.

This is what I got:

That single mailing converted more
clicks and sales than all these other
ad sites I use combined.

1. More than my upgraded List-Joe accounts.

2. More than my lifetime Viralurl accounts.

3. Much more than my Herculist, Bweeble,
List Bonus and European Safelist accounts.

Like you, I saw all the rave reviews for
Organic Prospects and had to try it for myself.

What else I found:

– You are getting exclusive home
business prospects not available
to anyone else.

– No technical or computer knowledge
required (very easy to use)

– It takes 5 minutes to register
and you receive 70 leads immediately.
Then 70 additional leads every 24hrs.

– You can promote any type of program
including affiliate sites, replicated
links, doorway pages, or any type of
website you choose.

If you like prequalified motivated buyers
like I do, you will love Organic Prospects.

The hype surrounding this program is
the real deal.

The sooner you join, the sooner you`ll
reach people with your ads, offers
and affiliate links.

Trust me on this one guys and girls 🙂

Christian Sanders

Want some help with your marketing campaigns?
Email me and we can brainstorm together.

The RIGHT Program at the RIGHT Time.

Hello everyone,

You’ve all been getting my emails
for awhile now but the information
I have today is absolutely out of
this world shocking.

I joined Organic Prospects 3 months
ago and yesterday TIED my biggest
payday using them yet.

Yesterday I mailed 4550 Organic Prospects
with 626 viewing my offer, 88 clicking
my link, and 5 people paying to upgrade.

Organic Prospects is a marketing
service that costs less than 30.00
a month to use and as of this morning
I have made back my monthly fee
27 times over. You do the math 🙂

Making money with Organic Prospects
is so easy its shocking.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I joined.

2. I added my first batch
of 70 prospects into
the provided mailer.

3. Sent out the exact same email
I use on other safelists.

The returns have been incredible.

Like I said above, 5 paid sales from
one mailing is a complete shocker and
something I’m proud to have accomplished.

There’s no doubt in my mind that making
money online is all about being in the
right program at the right time.

The right program is Organic Prospects
and the right time is NOW!

Get started people..

Christian Sanders

* Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started.

ATTN: 870.00 In Commissions Using THIS ONE Ad Site

Organic Prospects has recently launched and
I’ve already made 870.00 promoting a variety
of programs to the leads they send me each day.

You need to check Organic Prospects out.

This ad site gives you a whopping 70
prospects to message daily plus even
throws in a mailer to contact them with.

What you get upon joining:

* 70 prospects to mail your offers to daily

* Mail prospects every 24hrs in the backoffice

* Preview/Download your list and use however you want

* Detailed tracking stats (views, clicks, etc)

* All prospects targeted towards Biz Op & online
marketing industry

Getting started is an absolute breeze.

– All you need to do is join

– Click on “Organic Mailer” and import
70 new prospects into the mailer.

– Choose your favorite email ad and click “send”

Nothing else is required from you to
start making money from this.

They are delivering me clicks, optins,
and sales at a rate that is far beyond
any other ad source I’m using right now.

Saturday’s Organic Prospects Mailing Stats:
(I take Sunday’s off)

Mailed To: 5110
Views: 808
% Viewed: 15.81%
Clicks: 92
Clicks to viewed: 11.39%
Clicks to mailed: 1.80%
Sales: 3
Price Point: 49.95

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
If there’s one program you must be involved
with in 2015 this is it.

Christian Sanders

Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started. This ad source rocks!

New Traffic Site (HOT HOT HOT)

32 minutes ago I received “view” and “click”
stats from someone who just joined Organic
Prospects and used the mailer ONCE:

Name: Gayle McKinney
Mailed To: 70
Views: 22
% Viewed: 32%
Clicks: 13
Clicks to viewed: 59.09%
Clicks to mailed: 18.57%
Confirmed Sales: 2
Program Price: 35.00

If there’s one program you MUST be involved
with in 2015, this is definitely it:

I personally have only been using Organic
Prospects for 12 weeks but it is already my
#1 money maker compared to 37 other safelist
accounts I use every day.

I work in a tiny little office with 3 other
marketers and every one of them got 10-20 clicks
their very first mailing to Organic Prospects
and every day it KEEPS GOING UP!

If you can handle these steps you’re Golden:

1. Signup

2. Select your first batch of 70 people to mail
(you get an additional 70 each day)

3. Choose an email ad and hit “send”

But will Organic Prospects work for you?

Over the summer months which is usually
the slowest time of year for my business
I enrolled 37 NEW MEMBERS using Organic
Prospects (July 1st to July 31st)

So yes Organic Prospects WILL work for you
simply because it is working for me and I am
nobody special 🙂

Join now everybody!

Christian Sanders


The steps above I mentioned is seriously
all that is required for you to make money
with this program! I did it. Now you.

Do You Need Web Traffic? I Feel Your PAIN.

Today I’m going to talk about
what I LIKE and DISLIKE about
working on the Internet.

I DISLIKE marketing sites
that charge huge fees and
don’t deliver as promised.

What happened to me:

2 years ago I joined M&G Home
Business. A lead generating site.

It cost 49.95 to join and
39.95 a month after that.

I didn’t make a single cent.

9 months ago I joined a brand new
traffic exchange site with all
the bells and whistles.

Exact same thing happened.
Bloated fee. Program tanked.

Now this is what I LIKE:

I like that some websites
talk the talk AND walk the

Case in point:

2 months ago I joined an ad
site called Organic Prospects
that delivers 70 home business
prospects per day along with a
mailer so you can contact the

24 hours ago I mailed 2870
prospects and already have
3 39.95 sales on the day
so far.

Mailed To: 2870
Views: 595
% Viewed: 20.73%
Clicks: 80
Clicks to viewed: 13.45%
Clicks to mailed: 2.79%
Sales: 3
Price Point: 39.95

I have 100% made money from
Organic Prospects and you
couldn’t wipe this big goofy
grin off my face if you tried.

This is definitely a game changer
so join NOW.

Christian Sanders

Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started. This ad source rocks!