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You have heard of ClickIntensity, well CI was reinvented and they decided to go into the cryptocurrency world, now they have AdsCash, which is a cryptocurrency made for the internet advertising market.

What’s in it for you, well they are giving 100 of these coins free on signup. What is their value? At the launch it will be $0.025, but if this takes off it stand to go up in value to 1, 10 or even 100 dollars, this happened to Bitcoin the people who were smart and bought into it when it was selling for pennies are now millionaires.

Now, I can’t guarantee this will happen with AdsCash, but joining is free, and you get 100 coins, what is there to lose?


Glenn Duran


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Ant Surf is for real!

Glenn here. Have you seen ANT SURF – one of the coolest Traffic Exchanges out there yet?

Ant Surf has over 8000 members and is growing fast! They deliver up to 150.000 visitors to their member’s URL’s every day!

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Glenn Duran
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DigiEuro 50D€ SignUp Bonus

DigiEuro 50D€ SignUp Bonus – Available Until 31st December 2015

New CryptoCurrency – Giveaway of 1 Million DEUR (1DEUR = €1) – Get your free 50DEUR

DigiEuro works just like BitCoin. It is a digital currency/asset and payment system, and you can send and receive payments using the system.

DigiEuro is fast and free.

DigiEuro is easy and anonymous.

DigiEuro is safe and is installed on your local computer.

You manage your assets on your computers.

You can receive or send payments in seconds.

You can distribute your balance on any number of wallets.

One DigiEuro has the purchasing power of one euro (1D€ = €1).

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