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Here is the truth about antibiotics

As you probably already realize, there are many ways for you to treat your acne successfully, and I have certainly researched some of the more popular methods, such as antibiotics, Accutane, cleansers, and diet. But I don’t want you to waste the same amount of time and money that I did on the wrong things. Antibiotics were one such thing that was not as beneficial as I thought it would be…

Often antibiotics can be a quick fix for acne, yet the reality is they aren’t likely to help you in the long term. This is because of the acne-causing bacteria that the antibiotics attack quickly mutate and become resistant to the antibiotics.

This means that sooner rather than later, the positive effects of the antibiotics generally run out. The next choice is either take another strain of antibiotic, one which the bacteria hasn’t learned to adapt to yet, or realize that antibiotics are never going to be a long term solution to your acne.

I personally tried different types and strengths of antibiotics from tetracycline, erythromycin through to minocycline. The tetracycline worked pretty well after 1 month, and then 2 months later, it suddenly became ineffective. So I got about 2 months of clear skin using tetracycline but that was it.

The other two antibiotics strains weren’t nearly as effective – they never produced totally clear skin, and the poor results they did manage didn’t last very long…

Remember, the entire basis for antibiotics being a good treatment for acne is that they destroy the bacteria that causes acne – Propionibacterium acnes. Yet this bacteria is found on everyone’s skin, not just acne sufferers. There’s more though…

Conventional dermatologists concentrate their efforts on destroying these bacteria when treating their patients. And as said before, the results are often very positive at first, but when the bacteria mutates to be invulnerable to the antibiotic, it becomes apparent that antibiotic treatment has limited use in acne treatments.

There are actually negative side effects to taking antibiotics, which unfortunately dermatologists don’t recognize. The most harmful being Candida – which is an imbalance of bacteria and fungi in the body. This causes problems in the long term and is actually why people often find their acne gets a lot worse after antibiotic treatment.

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