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Cloud mining platform for DOGE, TRX, LTC and BNB
The advanced RyzEx cloud mining platform uses modern technologies and the latest blockchain algorithms to mine cryptocurrencies in the shortest possible time, which allows users to receive up to 5% profit per day.

8BIT Autopilot

There’s no need to take risks anymore by trading or mining crypto currencies.
8BIT Autopilot will take care of everything for you.
No risks. 100% profit guaranteed.

Cash Mix

Join CashMix and be one of the first investors of a promising
and unique startup, It will provide you a stable future.
CashMix is a model of personal freedom,
for amateurs and professionals.

CashMix – a new level of “online” earnings!

ROY Club

The ROY Club is a social-oriented project that unites people who want to secure a worthwhile life for themselves and their children and help other people to change the whole world for the better.
Earning up to 10% per month!

Miny Worldwide

Passive Income with MINY
MINY presents you with an extremely simple,
easy, and accessible method of earning passive
income. Participating in the mining pools of this
cryptocurrency mining platform can offer returns
of between 10% and 19% monthly depending
on the balance retained in your mining pool.
All this is integrated with a simple multi-currency
Miny Wallet, in where you can manage and earn
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Miny Tokens.