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Our Company PYXIS https://www.pyxis.co.nz/ is focused on ISO Management Systems. Michael Voss is the Owner. Michael is also the Founder of https://www.michaelvossnz.com for Business Consultancy on High Performance Excellence. His LinkedIn Profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelevoss /. He is based in New Zealand.

Quoting Michael Voss
‘I am passionate about excellence and believe that all individuals and businesses will benefit by working to become the best they possibly can. I help leaders to grow personally so they can lead their businesses to the top using business excellence principles and practices that are based on the accumulated knowledge from the best organizations in the World. For leaders who aspire to grow personally so they can lead their businesses to the top.’

Customised services delivered include: leadership advice, board and advisory services, strategic planning, technology planning, business succession planning, risk management, business consulting, business excellence, organisational assessments, business excellence awards, quality management, environmental management, integrated management systems, product design, product development, training.

We https://www.michaelvossnz.com would like to offer CUSTOMER our Summit Advance Programme https://www.michaelvossnz.com/advance.html, which uses business excellence to eliminate the biggest problems in your business in 90 days and lift the performance of your business to a completely new level. Research has found that companies using business excellence to drive their improvement efforts grow 440% faster than US S&P 500 listed companies.

This 3-month Programme encompasses a Road Map and Action Plan, Plan Execution, with continuous and focused guidance to enable CUSTOMER meet its planned goals.

An Assessment will enable CUSTOMER to define the Key Areas or Barriers to Work Out, define a Working Plan, Implement the Required Actions, Check on Progress and Measure the Improvement made. PYXIS Assessors are open minded and willing to help CUSTOMER out. PYXIS has the appropriate tools.

The first step is for CUSTOMER to complete the form https://www.michaelvossnz.com/conversation-summit.html with the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, Business Name, Address, What is your biggest current challenge, What is your current revenue per year, What do you sell, Add any other comments necessary.

You may review our training videos https://vimeo.com/user40860087/videos and https://www.youtube.com/user/pyxisconz

With PYXIS in regular contact PYXIS assures that CUSTOMER executes and achieves real results.

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