So I finally joined Crowd Rising earlier
this month under a HEAVY recommendation by
a trusted marketing friend that claimed
BMOB leads were converting like CRAZY
for this program.

I told her the ONLY way I would be promoting
Crowd Rising would be through BMOB and I asked
her for the EXACT email ad she was sending her
BMOB leads so I could replicate her results.


So for the past couple weeks I’ve been sending
out her Crowd Rising ad to my BMOB leads and I
am in complete AWE of how well this combo is

In the past 48 hours, 22 of my BMOB leads have
joined Crowd Rising under me, each paying me
20.00. So thats 440.00 in just the past 2

This is not to mention the dozens of 60.00
payments that have been sent through the
matrix. My downline is growing DEEP at
a very fast rate and the payments I’ve
been getting have been getting LARGER and
LARGER. I fully expect a 990.00 payment from
someone in my matrix by the end of this week.

I just can’t keep this to myself any longer.

So if you’re ready to hop on this gravy
train and promote Crowd Rising to BMOB
leads then follow my lead. I’ll help every
step of the way so YOU can duplicate MY results.

1. Join BMOB. All leads are exclusive to
each member so we won’t be competing.


2. Email me and ask me for the EXACT same
email ad copy my marketing friend shared
with me that WE BOTH are using to pull at
LEAST 5-11 Crowd Rising signups DAILY.

I’m willing to share the exact subject line
and email body that is pulling so well with
our BMOB leads.

I promise you will thank me from the bottom
of your heart and we’ll be the best of pals 🙂

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.

P.S. Again, once you join BMOB, zip me
an email asking for the swipe we
are using for Crowd Rising. It is
converting better than over a DOZEN
swipes my upline and I have personally
tested for Crowd Rising 🙂