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Build A Free Website

Choose ‘A Free Website’ or ‘On a Domain You Own’ and follow the on screen instructions.
Name your website
Select a theme
Click ‘I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!’
Use your siterubix’ practice website to choose a theme. Choose a New Theme
Once you have decided on a theme install and activate it on your ‘real’ website. Then set up the theme options.
Install and Activate Your Favorite Plugins
Copy, paste and modify the main pages from your first website. These include ‘About Me’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Affiliate Disclaimer’.
Go through each of the subheadings under ‘Appearance’ and make the appropriate modifications, updating or saving changes as you go. Don’t touch the ‘Editor’. If you want to make changes to your theme then make a child-theme. You’ll find lots of information on You may need to login to first.
Under Users > Your Profile write something in the ‘Biographical Info’ section. This may appear on your blog in some themes.

Lastly the widgets

Depending on your theme you will have several places to put your widgets. I’ll leave the placement to your discretion.

Widgets That I Use

Recent Posts (drop-down list).
Recent Comments.
Search (I use my domain name as the title).
Categories (drop-down list).
Archives (drop-down list).
Text (for ads).
Set up Email

You will also be able to set up emails within your WA account as well.

You can set up a forward for your email and point it to a gMail account.

Sending mail from a different address or alias
Change the “From” address when replying or forwarding
Change your “From” address (iPhone & iPad)
Verify Your Website With Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo and Bing

How to Submit Your Website to Google, Yahoo & Bing Using FTP

Google Verification Using All In One SEO

Google Verification Using Yoast SEO

Add HTML Code to WordPress to Verify Your Website

Promote Your Website

Start Creating Your List How to Create Your List for Free
Create a YouTube Video to Promote Your Website
Start writing your posts and keep on adding to your content on a regular basis.
Publish your YouTube video.
Promote your website in social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
If I’ve missed any important steps please leave the details in a comment below so I can add them to this tutorial.

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Are You In NEED Of A Fast Cash Infusion?

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