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Timing is Everything in Marketing … Act Now


The word is out! 100 Percent Mailer has just relaunched in the “Your Viral” platform.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t just get a top-notch mailer. You also get a high converting list builder that adds subscribers to your list.

It is a way to generate new leads for your opportunities and a way to capture leads for your auto-responder list.

Even if you don’t have an auto-responder yet, you know how important it is to build a responsive mailing list. 100 Percent Mailer will store your list for you until you pick an auto-responder and then transfer all your leads over for you.

In addition, every person you refer can earn their Premium Membership at 100 Percent Mailer by passing up 5 referrals to you. So now they are helping to build your list too.

True viral list building.

The “Your Viral” sites have added tens of thousands of subscribers to the mailing list of their members. How about you get yours?

The time to act is now because 100 Percent Mailer just relaunched on September 12th. Thousands are waiting to join. Get the advantage by joining first.


Matthew Has Lost His Mind This Time


Did you know that you can email almost 3,000 members at HotListMailer … only 5 weeks after launching!

I say almost 3,000 because Matthew just started a new bonus program that will push that number over 3,000 this week!

If you join HotListMailer before noon Eastern time on Wednesday, Matthew will give you 3,000 credits!

That will let you send your solo email to 3,000 members without clicking a single link.

You also will get a chance to promote your referral link in our contest to win $100 cash and 500 subscribers to your auto-responder.

Best of all, HotListMailer delivers high quality traffic that converts to your signup or lead capture page.

Once you join, seriously consider upgrading to Lifetime or Quarterly Premium Membership because upgraded members get to send their emails every day and also get 1,000 credits a day, 50% commissions, and double clicking credits. The benefits of upgrading are awesome.

To Your Success,

Post Your Messages and Get Guaranteed Traffic

Introducing AdsMessenger, a new Advertising Platform where everytime you send an Advertising message, you receive 100 Guaranteed Visits to your ads with minimal effort on your part.

Better yet, you can view all the ads at your back office without having to sink your email inbox with ads.

This system is gonna be a BIG success.

And you will get Tons of Traffic with it.

Sign up with Ads Messenger now!

See you on the inside,


I Found Something That Works

I found a site that actually works.

It is helping marketers figure out how to finally make money on the Internet.

I managed to get you a free promo code so that you can try it out.

It is free to join and here is a promo code “GetStarted”

Just click the Promo Code link on the left toolbar once you are in.

Then add the code to the box without the quotes.

Now you have 1000 credits to send out an email to the members to promote anything you want to.

Check it out and grab a free account so you can see what it’s all about.

Hope to see you there!

New! Mail To 100+ Viral Mailers In Minutes

Mailerity is the Most Simple Way to send your messages to Thousands of Viral Mailer Users.
A Great Tool to save your time.
Mailerity is a tool to accelerate your Message sending time to all the Viral Mailers that You are subscribed to.
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Over 400 Members in Just 40 Hours


Have you joined the NEW HotListMailer yet?

Matthew Graves relaunched HotListMailer with lots of new features on Monday and people are signup up quickly.

After the success of Your Viral List, Your Viral Mailer, Your Viral Traffic and 10X Mailer, everyone recognizes that Matthew’s programs are different from other mailers on the market.

The biggest difference is that they get RESULTS. Sending your emails to the responsive members of these programs get signups and sales. They are the highest-converting mailers on the market to add people to your programs or get them to signup to your lead capture page and subscribe to your list.

Speaking of building a list, the most unique feature of Matthew’s new programs is that they integrate with your auto-responder to build your list when you promote your referral url. Everytime someone joins under you, they also get added to your auto-responder. They convert traffic into subscribers.

They also convert traffic into commissions, earning over $28,000 in commissions for members in the last few months. Several members have earned over $1,000 so far … as much as $2,500 for our top earner.

If you want a hot program that will build your list, deliver quality traffic to your offers, and earn great commissions, then join HotListMailer today.

To Your Success!

Stop wasting your Safelist credits…

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Save time Posting to 50 Viral Mailers

So what is M@ilerity?

M@ilerity is a Viral Mailer and a Special Marketing tool made
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M@ilerity is the Most Simple Way to send your messages
to Thousands of Viral Mailer Users

A Great Tool to save your time.
M@ilerity is a tool to accelerate your Message sending time to
all the Viral Mailers that You are subscribed to.

Save Mail Messages, Banners and text ads to be used on your subscribed Viral Mailers.
You can pick your mailers from a list and You can suggest more if they are not in our list.

Set the “Sending Time” for each Mailer to save You even more of your precious Time!

M@ilerity has a Built-in Downline builder..All your sponsored members will be
shown your referral IDs for every listed Mailer.

Our Core script can simplify and quicken the joinig, accessing
and sending process to many Viral Mailers.

Innovative Commission Structure
Our Commission Plan is made to increase 10% every few Sales made.
Sometime just one sale is enough to increase the commission of the next sale!

Affordable Cost
Unlike other similar online tools, our Monthly and Yearly cost
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ALL IN ONE traffic source!

What if you could get ALL your traffic..

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Well now you can do ALL of the above and more…

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