Get paid up to $3200 commissions-TRAFFIC & SYSTEM provided


Our BRAND new system for 2016 is ready …
and you are going to love it!
ITS SO EASY, a child can do it!


Everything is done & set up
for you, you just need to follow
a few simple steps in the back office
to get started.

Here’s the breakdown of HOW YOU GET PAID!!

1. Join & Create an account

2. Log In

3. Get your DONE-FOR-YOU website link (ONE LINK)
that tags your leads to YOU.

4. Choose how many visitors (200-8,000 visitors)
you want our traffic experts to send to your link,

Once you push the button to start your traffic & visitors going to your link,
you will see leads start coming in the same or next day. All your leads will be
stored in your back office of your
done-for-you system so you can see their names, emails,
& phone number. Find them in your
back office under the “MY PROSPECTS” tab.

5. A percentage of those visitors that our traffic experts
send to your link will turn into leads and sales. These leads
and sales will be tagged to you through the link you are given &
when one of these leads JOIN or MAKE A PURCHASE,
of your income will be MONTHLY, RESIDUAL income that
you can count on coming in MONTH AFTER MONTH.

6. Your tagged leads that turn into sign-ups follow the
same steps as you and you GET PAID A MATCHING BONUS
on their sales.

Your tagged leads that DIDN’T join or purchase will be stored
in your back office with their contact info. and our Leaders
and Done-for-you system will continue to follow up with
them through live calls, webinars, and emails and help
convert them into sales and sign-ups.

You can also follow up IF YOU CHOOSE!!!

Or you can let the system and leaders do the follow up
for you. It’s completely up to you!

7. REPEAT over and over and KEEP GETTING PAID.

Now, the only part remaining will be setting up your e-Wallet
in order to get paid. That’s it.
Everything is now built-in and programmed to pull and push
information to our vehicle: Traffic Authority.

All the pieces are finally done:
The capture page.
The follow-up messages are built-in.
The front-end offer.
The buy now offer.
The all-in offer.
The upgrade process.
Traffic started immediately to your link
The DONE-FOR-YOU postcards
Access to our SECRET, PRIVATE team area with extra DONE-FOR-YOU
postcards, solo ads, banners, ad coops; including names and web addresses
to place free & paid text or banner ads for this business or any other one
you’re involved in.
Live trainings and calls

Click the link below to see the FREE video and get started

Do you see the big picture here?
You get one link.
You direct your traffic to this one link.
Your leads get tagged to you.
They take the front-end offer.
Everything is setup by the time they login to their backoffice.
They press the money button to get traffic.
You get the commission.

Your signups get one link.
They direct their traffic to this one link.
Their leads get tagged to them.
They take the front-end offer.
Everything is setup by the time they login to their backoffice.
They press the money button to get traffic.
You get the matching bonus.


All you have to do is push a button:

This changes the game for everyone who has ever struggled making
money online. If all you have to do is “press a button”, and the
most confusing part is filling out the address form to get paid,
then this will go viral very quickly.

If you’re not setup and making money with this system already,
please make sure you click the button to get setup.

Wishing you the best,
Lucenda Woodard