Can You Sell A Product That Olympic Athletes and The Russian Space Program Used?

I invite you to participate in the F.R.E.E. prelaunch of a new company marketing a famous Russian herbal longevity tonic that has thousands of research studies proving the effectiveness of its ingredients.

A summary of the life’s work of Israel I. Brekhman:

Dr. Brekhman was called upon to apply his special skills for the Russian space program. He developed dietary formulas for the cosmonauts using extracts of plant materials he had studied for years. These supplements restored the natural balance of the body systems and protected the cosmonauts against the stresses of motion, vertigo, weightlessness, enforced inactivity and all of the stresses inherent in orbiting space flights. So dramatic were the results, that all the cosmonauts were put on Dr. Brekhman’s program, as were Russia’s elite Olympic athletes.

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