CASH Per Referral – Proven Owner!

Hey There,

I have know Debbie Nicholson since she opened her mailer.
She has done a fine job advertising and growing that mailer.
So I have no doubt that she will do the same for
her traffic exchange – Red Stag Hits.

One can earn more cash in so many ways like
Surf4Cash, PTC, VTG, Zubee Coins, cash prizes,
finding trophies or when we refer new members
who upgrade.

Cash Per Referral:
Free members (Stags) get $.50 per referral
Upgraded members (Red Stag and White Stag) get $1.00 per referral.
This promotion will run until we reach 1300 members!

This new Traffic Exchange not only provides you with
all the advertising options your site needs, they also
packed it with tons of features.

Website Traffic, Banner and Text Advertising, Prize Pages,
Viral Traffic Games, Jackpots, Surf4Cash, Dynamic Surf Rates,
Zubee Coins, Surf Chat, Surfing Games, Icon Collecting, Trophies
Activity Points… The works.

Hope to see you on the inside.


Tony Tezak

P.S. You always get many extra benefits by being upgraded
in any program. Debbie is a proven owner and I recommend
being upgrade in her traffic exchange.