Re-Launch: Life-Time Gold 27.00 Until 1k Members!

Hi there, this is Dave Mosher in Dallas, TX announcing
the acquisition of the viral mailer, ViralNet.

As part of the re-launch of ViralNet, we’re going
to have a NEW Referral Contest until ViralNet
reaches 2,500 Members – 1st Prize 250.00!!!

1st Prize: 250.00
2nd Prize: 100.00
3rd Prize: 50.00
4th Prize: 25.00
5th Prize: 10.00

*NOTE: Members using “Guaranteed Sign-up Services”
will automatically be disqualified!

Membership Levels:

Mail Every 24 Hours – 25% Commissions
5,000 Mailing Credits Per Month!!!

Mail Every 3 Hours – 35% Commissions
25,000 Mailing Credits Per Month!!!

OTO Life-Time Gold 47.00
Includes 5 Super Viral Network Super Solos
Mail Every Hour – 60% Commissions
50,000 Mailing Credits Per Month!!!


Re-Launch Life-Time Gold OTO Special:

To help ViralNet Affiliates generate new sign-ups during our Re-Launch, I’ve
dropped the Life-Time Gold Upgrade almost in half with an incremental increase as
our membership grows.

As a Life-Time Gold Member, you’ll earn
60% in Referral Commissions:

$27 until we reach 1,000 members
1001-1500 Members – $37
1501-2000 Members – $47
2001-2500 Members – $57
2501-3000 Members – $67