WARNING Bitcoin Opportunity Promoters

If you are promoting a cryptocurrency
opportunity you MUST have a steady
flow of prospects, specifically
interested in this specific niche,
flowing to your link on a DAILY basis
if you want to succeed.

Safelists and traffic exchanges ARE NOT
the best forms of advertising to promote
bitcoin/crypto offers.

So what is?

Newspaper Advertising.

How do I know this?

I personally promote a handful of different
crypto offers using Newspapers Alive and
I consistently see higher conversion
rates of hits to sales by using them, vs.
using my list of 147 safelists and traffic

But its not just me.

I have dozens of downline members in my
crypto offers that are experiencing the
exact same thing.

Why do newspaper readers join crypto offers
at such high rates?

Beats me! I’m just reporting the facts and
there is DEFINITELY a trend worth following
here people!

Run. Don’t walk! – Limited space available.


Over n’ Out…

Jenna Pauley
(email me with questions. I won’t bite 🙂