The Price of Not Paying Attention.


The other day I finally joined a company that has been referring

members to my site (SOTAM) for years. In fact, this company

has been in business for 23 years and is very active and engaged

with their over 2 million members.

The obvious question I would ask if I were you would be….

Are you kidding me? Is there a reason you stayed away?

The honest answer is yes, there was a reason and here it goes….

I never had a relationship with the previous owner and frankly

disagreed with his sales approach to secure new members.

However, there were people inside the company that I knew

and respected.

Long story short, those people now run the business and have

for the past 2 years! I simply wasn’t paying attention and

wasted 2 years when I could have been strengthening the

partnership between our businesses.

That stops today and I want to encourage you to join WorldProfit

that is owned and operated by my friend and CEO, George Kosch

& President, Sandi Hunter.

This program is fully loaded and the advertising packages and

training inside are second to none.

With so many sites going offline the past year, doesn’t it make

sense to get familiar with a business that has been around for

23 years and is now ran by a name you know, George Kosch!

Opt-in and be amazed how helpful the people are inside. They do

some radical stuff like actually talking to people and helping

them learn about this business we all try to learn alone.

I went to my first Bootcamp Training George did on Friday

and learned he is a fellow military veteran like myself. Join

now and be shocked what you have been missing.


Brad Webb



P.S. There are a ton of bonuses just for checking them out so

opt-in now.