Hottest Mailers This Week Per Hoopla.


Traffic Hoopla is one of the longest running

ranking systems online since 2002.

They rank Mailers, Traffic Exchanges, and other

traffic systems based on the following criteria

and not just opinion.

RAW = Hits 30-Days

PCR = Primary Conversion Rate

2, 3 = Secondary Conversion Rate

NV = New Visitors

BR = Bounce Rate

HPLA = Hoopla Hits

HS = Hoopla Signups

ST = Special Tracking 7-Days

SENT = Message Sent 7-DAYS

CLICK% = Hits Divided By Sent

SC =

M = Commissions Paid Ranking

ListHoopla was an addition added by the Hoopla

sites that focuses solely on Mailers.

If you are looking for what sites to join, here

are some with hard data.

Join ListHoopla and the sites they recommend for

this week now!


Brad Webb