PROMOTE Cashbot: 19 Referrals and 45 Payments

I knew CashBot would
sell like crazy to
USA Lead Club leads.

Check out this email I got
at 6:34am this morning:


I’m promoting CashBot to my
USA Lead Club leads based on
your recommendation.

In just 4 days I got 19 referrals.

I also got 45 payments as passups
from those 19 referrals.

These USA Lead Club leads are
PERFECT for Cashbot!

(and they sure can promote too!)

Thanks you sooo much Don!

And this isn’t the only email
I’ve got about the PERFECT
combination of

Cashbot + USA Lead Club

I’ve heard from at least 2 dozen
other members in the past week
and the results are VERY similar.

We all know that USALC leads answer
a big YES to these 3 questions
before they are given to you:

1. Do you have a valid credit card? YES

2. Are you willing to invest AT LEAST
100.00 in the right opportunity? YES

3. Are you ready to get started within
the next 30 days? YES

So the leads have already committed to
investing 100.00 in a program.

So when they see Cashbot costs just 4.99
they BITE! And the icing on the cake is
they bring in Cashbot referrals afterwards 🙂

Kick Butt and Make Mucho Dinero!

Donald Ward, MBA
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P.S. Need a mentor who cares? I’ll walk
you through the steps I’m taking to
MILK these leads. Shoot me an email.