People lost my respect for doing this – make sure you don’t do the same!

It’s a joke.
A few weeks ago, I received lots of emails promoting a “get-rytch” program.
Even people I respected were promoting it.
So, I decided to check it out.
But I was disappointed.
And I lost the respect I had for those people.
You see, the presentation of the program was like a parody of a well-known movie.
The program’s name was based on the movie.
The story of the creator was based on the movie.
Hell, they even had an actor pose as one of the main heroes, while giving him a silly, paraphrased name.
It turned me off.
I didn’t care if the program was good or not.
You see, making monee online is a serious thing.
We’re no longer in high school where we can be cute and funny and goof off.
I want to know that the people behind anything I suggest are serious men and women.
I want to know that they take my goals at heart.
Take for example The Home Business Academy;
The Most Comprehensive, Ongoing, and Up to Date Traffic Training on The Internet.
There are no funny stories or silly pictures.
And they’re not ripping off any movie.
It inspires trust, no matter how you see it.
Plus, 149,575 HBA meals provided to kids so far…
It’s why I’m talking about it in all those emails.
And yes, the fact that it has helped me earn lots of Benjamins online is a great bonus as well.
This is why I’m so enthusiastic about it.
And why I insist on you, giving it a shot.
Join the serious side of monee making today.
Make it a Great Day!