Upfront Money Sent to Your Bank Account!


It will take you just over a minute to watch this brief video that shows how this new direct pay system can work to build your CBD business on autopilot! Do you have one minute?

Well, I hope you do because this one-of-a-kind system creates a way for YOU to put upfront money in your pocket on a daily basis!

Yep, $7, $27 and $47 dollar commissions sent right to your PayPal account or right to your bank account! No middleman to hold your money and pay you next week or next month. You get paid immediately – as in right away – when the sale is made!

At the same time, you will be building an automatically recurring monthly income! Yep, residual income is the best kind of income there is! But then you already knew that! 🙂

If you are not already in CTFO, the good news is its FREE to join. You can even earn income as a FREE member of CTFO. And then you have this Automatic Builder system to put daily upfront money in your pocket while growing your back-end residual income in CTFO! Amazing!

Down the road, you will have one of two thoughts: You either will be saying I wish I had moved on this when I first learned about it or you will be saying, I am so glad I did! So glad I was an action taker and not a fence sitter!

Which will you be saying? Totally up to you… it’s your move!

Eli Noble