Team LATW Works For You To Get Referrals


Team Links Across The Web is dedicated to helping
our members recruit TrafficWave referrals. But we
are also dedicated to helping you Build Your List
of valuable contacts to promote both TrafficWave
and any other program you may be promoting.

Our ListBuild page is successfully building a list
of contacts for many of our members.

We also have a page to promote both your
TrafficWave business and another program you may
be promoting.

As you can see, we are not just a TrafficWave
Team. We are also here to help you promote
anything else you may be advertising by using
TrafficWave’s tools and Team LATW’s unique capture

TrafficWave has the most affordable marketing
tools on the Internet. Not only is their
AutoResponder unsurpassed, they offer ad tracking
tools and splash pages at no additional cost. And
once you have recruited three referrals, your
commissions will pay your monthly fee. After that
you are in profit.

If you are interested in joining our Team and
using these valuable tools, please respond to this
email requesting my personal TrafficWave referral

To our mutual success,
Larry Cockerham