A Traffic Exchange That Builds Your List, [FIRST_NAME]. YOUR VIRAL TRAFFIC IS LIVE! It is the 3rd site in the “Your Viral” series of success tools.

In less than 90 days, Your Viral List and Your Viral Mailer added over 8,000 members to the auto-responder lists of the members. They have also helped us (members) earn over $10,000 in commissions. Your Viral Mailer has quickly become a top-ranked viral mailer.
Matthew’s new site, Your Viral Traffic, which he launched with Mike Gaudreau, takes all the features of the other “Your Viral” sites and pushes them to a new level of benefits.

Your Viral Traffic is a combination of a viral mailer and a traffic exchange which delivers high-quality traffic to your website or opportunity. You can earn credits by clicking on emails from other members or by surfing the traffic exchange. You can then use those credits either sending your solo emails to the members or having them visit your site directly.

Your Viral Traffic also links to your auto-responder so that every person you refer to the program also gets added to your list in AWeber, Get Response, or other programs.
I happily encourage you to join us at Your Viral Traffic today!

Feeling SUPERCHARGED and working toward success for all,
PJ Zito