Hello, friend,
Did you see my email yesterday about Legends Mailer?
I hope so! I hope that you have joined the newest YOUR VIRAL site and that you are promoting your new link to build your list.
I am always pushing you to join the launches because a lot of time and energy are put into the launching and promotion of a site.
My strategy is very simple. I join early and set up my email blast in advance. I send traffic from other mailers and safelists to the site as soon as the relaunch opens.
Once Legends Mailer launched, I promoted the opportunity to every safelist and mailer I belong to. That includes traffic from all the other YOUR VIRAL sites, too, where 100,000 other members are also working.
When a site is new, [FIRST_NAME], everyone wants to join, so I use that energy to help me build my list.
Matthew offers great promotional incentives to new members and he is always adding new giveaways and contests to help keep conversions high.
There are hundreds of new members at the site already and thousands will join over the next couple of weeks. You should join and start building your list, too!
I expect YOU to be my 60th sign-up for LEGENDS MAILER, today!
Join our team,
PJ Zito