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Team Links Across The Web works hard for all
its members to receive TrafficWave referrals.
Not only will you be provided Personal Pages
and a Personal AutoResponder Campaign with a
pre-written letter series, our Team will also
provide referrals using an innovative Team
system unlike any other.

Within our main Team are smaller Teams
consisting only of a member’s upline and
downline. Instead of using a Hot Seat concept,
with Team LATW each member of a Team promotes
a link that automatically rotates the splash
pages of the members on their individual Team.
Teams range in size from 3 to 6 depending on
the number of referrals a member has.

You will NOT be promoting for hundreds of strangers
who joined before you. You and your immediate upline
and downline will be promoting only for each other.
It’s a simple concept and it does work!

In addition to our unique Team Sytem, all your
Team and Personal pages can include a banner
for another business of YOUR choice. No other
TrafficWave team offers this unique feature.

Join me today [FIRST_NAME]!

Morten Kristensen

Visit the following Credit page to see how Team LATW is
working for me and how it WILL work for you: