“The NEXT Groupon” with a TWIST!

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Cost To Merchant: ZERO

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Ask people, “Would you like $20 in food from Joe’s Pizza
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This ISN’T like Amazon, or Ebay, where your referrals are
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We have 5 Immediate Verticles to help you earn Cash and
BitQy Cryptocurrency:

1) TravelQy – Went live June 15th and totally blows Priceline,
Orbitz, and Kayak away!

2) QyckDeals – Our version of Groupon, which is almost ready
to go live!

3) Calorchi – Our version of eBay and Amazon…coming soon!

4) 15Winks – A “cheat proof” online video dating app…coming soon!

5) mployMe – An online resume app…coming soon!

Plus more verticles to come in the future to drive value to the
BitQy Coin, along with Cash and Bitqy for you!

Did I mention, THERE’S NO COST TO YOU!!! (unless you buy a QyckDeal, lol).

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Kindest regards

Dave Young