[FIRST_NAME] Want To Have Targeted Leads On Demand, For Free, Forever?

[FIRST_NAME] Want Targeted Leads On Demand, For Free, Forever?

Please take the time to read this carefully to the
very end, it will change the way you do business

I always thought, wouldn't it be great to have an
automated prospecting and recruiting system. Of
course a system like that did not exist.

About 4 years ago the system I had long wished for
became a reality.

As you know, lead generation has always been
a challenge.

That challenge was solved with this system.

Anytime I want fresh prospects I open one of

the programs that come with the system,

type in a search term

press a button

and a few hours later I have hundreds sometimes

thousands of targeted leads.

BTW, when I say targeted I mean
people who have demonstrated by their actions they
want time and money freedom working from home.
Exactly the kind of leads I want to work with.

And it gets even better. The system also includes
a platform that allows me to push a button and
call 2000-3000 leads in under 20 minutes.

The system makes the call and when the prospect
answers the phone it plays a 30 second message
designed to create the prospects interest in
learning more.

Those who are not interested hangup the phone. I
never have to waste time talking to them. Those
who are interested are told to Press 1 on their
phone to learn more. When they press 1 they are
instantly transferred to a 4-7 minute recorded
presentation on my business. At the end of that
presentation those who are interested in joining
or talking to me are told to leave a message with
their name and phone number to get a call back.

This means I only talk to highly interested

In other words I push a button and 20 minutes
later have people interested in joining me.

How cool is that?

This system has a one time cost of $297. Unlike
other systems there are no monthly fees. You own
the software, it sits on your computer and you can
use it to build any of your businesses. In fact if
you are working multiple programs you can use the
system for all of them.

I will also add that the people having the most
success are using push button broadcasting

You can see a short video about the system at the
following link: 

Oh! One more thing.
The system includes an affiliate program that pays
you $200 a sale at no extra charge.

If you're using the system to build a business,
trust me, people coming into your business will
want to duplicate the method. After all, what's
the alternative? (Hard work). This will create a
secondary passive income stream that results from
building your business.

Larry Ellner
Skype: LarryEllner
Call Or Text: 785-299-0502