Promote 1 Site Get 130 Signups

Which is better?
Promote 1 Site Potentially Get 1 Signup
Promote 1 Site (Instant Pay Downline Builder – IPDB) Potentially Get 130 Signups
Dave Mosher is currently at 26 sites converted to Peer2Peer Instant Commission Sites.
Each of Dave’s 130 planned site conversions will be Peer2Peer Instant Commission Sites within 4-6 months.
Each will be:
  1. A Cash Machine
  2. A Traffic Machine
  3. A List Building Machine
As new sites are converted to the P2P platform, they will automatically be added to Instant Pay Downline Builder (IPDB).
  1. You simply join them as they are added, and update IPDB with your login ID.
Get Free Traffic
  1. Redeem Promo Codes form each IPDB site you join (newmember PLUS OTHERS)
  2. View Ads to earn credits for credit mails
  3. Trade Credits for Ads
Just keep seeing more and more REFERRALS UNDER YOU as  people join these sites. And you can earn from every upgrade.
And best of all, IPDB is ABSOLUTELY FREE.  
  1. All the promotion materials are included
  2. All the TRAFFIC SOURCES you need to get started are included
  3. Just add your autoresponder, and you HAVE IT ALL!