The Trafficwave Team with A Better Ideal…..


Join the team with a better Ideal, Team Links Across The Web. I’m very excited to be a part of this Team. I’d like to personally tell you about how our Team works.

Team LATW has features that no other TrafficWave Team offers:

• Your Team consists of your upline and downline
• Team Pages that brand YOU, not someone else
• Pages with a banner to also promote your other business
• A unique ListBuild capture page to Build Your List

Team LATW uses a unique 3-5 person Team system where each individual Team operates independently of each other. This means that each Team has only 3-5 members waiting in line at any given time. Most other Teams use a straight line rotator where each new member joins at the bottom of a long list and must wait for everyone who joined before them to receive referrals before the new members start climbing up that list.

Your Team LATW Page will brand you as you advertise. All Team Pages have the name of the member promoting them. We even have Team Pages that can include a picture of yourself if you have one. No other TrafficWave Team currently offers this.

You can also set up your own Personal Team LATW AutoResponder Campaign to promote so you can start using TrafficWave to build your list of contacts. You can advertise both Team LATW and any other programs you might be promoting to your AutoResponder subscribers.

To our mutual success,