How to succeed online…

Hey [First_Name],

I remember this one time when I was riding with a friend in his new sports car and he took a curve in the road a little bit too fast.
To make things even more fun, it was snowing that day, so the road was already a bit slick.
As we went around the turn, our momentum carried us into the opposite lane, where we saw an old tanker truck headed our way.
The person driving panicked and lost control of the car and soon we started to fishtail.
Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that situation before, but it’s not a great place to be in.
And when you are in a skid, the trick is to turn in the direction you are heading. (Into the skid.)  
Logically, this can be quite baffling because if you’re sliding left you “know” that you should go right, so most people turn to the right.
However, to get out of your skid, you have to look in the direction you want to go.  In this case, we needed to get off the road as fast as possible.
My friend turned into the skid and by doing that we were able to just barely miss getting smushed by that huge tanker truck.
We actually skidded off the road. Still, we were happy to have lived!
The lesson from the story is that most people, when they see a collision coming down their path, focus on the truck. That gets you splattered.
You want to focus on where you want to be, not where you are currently.
When it comes to making money online, it’s really easy to get caught up comparing yourself to others and their success.
Then you start to wonder if you’re doing something wrong and start saying “how come I’m not there yet?”  (Focusing on where you’re at instead of where you want to be.)
Instead, model them!  What did they do to get there? Then, follow their steps.
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 To your success,

Javon Hutchinson

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