Turn Your Traffic Into Profits!

How You Can Easily Turn Your Traffic Into Profits!


I have great news to share.

There is a new site that just launched that gives beginning
marketers the tools and tracking the “Pros” use to
radically increase conversions on all their offers.

I am sure that you have seen these tactics at work before,
“Value Stacking” with bonuses. You buy a product from
a Pro’s link and you will also get a valuable list of bonuses.

Not so easy to pull off that strategy as a beginner
[FIRST_NAME], until WhatWorks4Me.com came around

WhatWorks4Me.com lets you setup high-converting offers,
including bonuses. It creates the pages, gives you the
bonuses to use, and even delivers the bonus to your

That is just one of the ways that the site can help you
turn your traffic into profits.

It is also a full featured link tracker, just like Trck.me
or ClickMagick. You can track where your traffic is coming
from, both by the website sending you the traffic and the
location of the visitors around the world.

It also serves as the hub for all the popular programs you
promote. You put in your referral ids and it creates tracking
links, plus serves as a downline builder so your referrals
join using your links. You can also use the pages it creates
to promote your favorite traffic exchanges or mailers.

It integrates with all the sites in the Your Viral Network so
your links for hundreds of traffic programs are shared on
the Best Converting pages across 17 popular sites.

You can join WhatWorks4Me for free and use all the features.
Upgraded members get unlimited links, campaigns, tracking,
and their programs featured across 17 sites.

Click to Join and Turn Your Traffic Into Profits!

Ricardo Weatherly
Kindle Books Publishing CEO
Skype ID: hildogojones

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