4 Corners Alliance Group + BMOB = 3 Sales

4 hours ago I sent an email to
1,440 Boost My Online Biz leads
telling them about the program
known as 4 Corners Alliance Group.

I just refreshed and 3 BMOB
leads have already paid to
join me at the 18.00 starter

(4CAG has a 8.00 registration fee
and 10.00 first product purchase)

(BMOB costs 39.95 per month)

This is absolutely nuts cause I
was promoting 2 other programs
to my BMOB leads but switched this
morning to 4CAG on a whim.

Thank goodness I did that because
4 Corners Alliance and Boost My
Online Biz seem to be the perfect
programs to use with one another.

Here’s how I got those 4CAG sales:

1. I joined BMOB.


2. I imported a chunk of my
BMOB biz opp leads into
the BMOB provided mailer.

3. Sent out the awesome 4CAG
sales email BMOB gives you
to my BMOB leads.

4. I then sat back and watched
those sales come in on auto

I seriously believe all the stars
have lined up for these 2 programs.

Boost My Online Biz + Four Corners
Alliance Group seem to be a match
made in heaven.

I’m going to continue riding this signup
wave for as long as I can and can’t wait
to see how many more of my BMOB Leads will
join me in 4 Corners Alliance.

You should ride this wave with me 🙂


Diana Young

P.S. Reach out to me at 4everyoungdiana@gmail.com
and I will show you exactly how to make it
happen with your own Boost My Online Biz leads.