Create Human Like Voices By Using Google AND Amazon’s Voice

I would like to introduce you to this amazing one of a kind software ” Voice buddy ” text to speech technology. Just Use This Amazing Software And Save Thousands of Dollars For All Your Voice Over Needs just in 30 seconds.
It’s no secret that Amazon and Google have the best of the best when it comes to text to speech technology. However, if you wanted to use either of those options, you’d most likely need to:
1. Take classes to learn how to code so you can create an app to utilize the software.
2. Pay someone thousands of dollars to create an app for you and hope that they don’t cheat you.
And even with the above, you’ll still need to have a ton of features. See, both Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly are great. Way ahead of their time if you ask me. But they still aren’t a complete solution.
When you’re trying to seamlessly create natural-sounding text to speech, you need to be able to add pitch, natural pauses, the strength of voice, and more.
So we set out to find a solution that would not only offer all of these things but also that combined the top two text to speech technologies into one.
One that would make using text to speech easy, but incredibly powerful at the same time and I’d like to share that solution with you today!
The Last All In One Text To Speech Option You’ll Ever Need. Voice Buddy Creates Realistic Sounding Voices In Only 3 steps:
1. Select your language and voice
2. Paste your text into Voice Buddy
3. Click to generate your audio
As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into the Voice Buddy platform. Therefore you’ll get the best of both worlds!
===141 of Voices To Choose From
===33 Languages To Choose From
Some other features include;
===Voice Buddy Is Easy To Use EVEN FOR NEWBIES.
===Make Videos Up To 10X FASTER!
===SAVE THOUSANDS On Voice Overs
===No Need To Install Anything.

So, This is the latest technology in the text to speech software. I personally like this software that’s why I recommend this to take advantage of its great potential.

Best Regards,
Nadeem Akhtar