Thirty-Minute-A-Day Marketing Miracle!

This is YOU, isn’t it— [FIRST_NAME] ?

You get withdrawal symptoms if you’re away from your
computer for more than five minutes. Your spouse has
threatened to take an axe to your monitor. You no
longer have time to do the little things – like eat
and sleep.

The WORST part is that for all the time you’re
spending at your keyboard—

—you’re not making a nickel!

Listen, my friend, I KNOW what you’re going through!
Just like you, I gave up friends, family, and going to
the bathroom so I had more time to become the next
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Understand, I’m not lazy. I knew that any
business requires an outlay of time. I would not
have minded all the hours I was putting in— if I were
just making some blasted income!

Then I found out about what I now call my—

—30 Minute Marketing Miracle!

I found out that there are simple, little tricks and
techniques that anyone can use to—

++ Reduce your time online from HOURS a day to just

++ Produce all the hits you need in the time it
takes to eat a baloney sandwich!

++ Start generating INCOME instead of BILLS
– during the commercials of a Seinfeld rerun!

Stop being a slave to your computer, and let me help
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And— if something is unclear, please email,
me. I might not have ALL the answers, but I
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