[FIRST_NAME], It Ain’t Gonna Get Any Better Than This!


I started to dabble with online marketing as a

way to make money back in 2002 and I did… for

awhile.. but it seemed more like gambling!

That’s why I’ve lost my “shirt” so many times,

and it’s a wonder that I came back again; after

all, how many times do you have to be ripped

“off” to figure out that just maybe I’m not

cut out for this!

Maybe a better title would be “How To Learn To

Swim With The Sharks”!

There are no promises of “Get Rich Quick” from

this marketer because he has found out that NOT

all that Glitters is GOLD!

That’s NOT how internet marketing works and

you MUST treat it as you would a part-time job!

I KNOW that you can be a successful marketer

because of this lead generation system that has

been helping many people make money online in

over 150 countries and across all 24 time zones

for the past 17 years!

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