Believe it or not , most people
get on their own way of success by being like
this stupid jumping insect, the flea.

keep reading, big breakthrough on the way…

It is the perfect illustration of how your experience
can limit what you are able to accomplish.

If you put a bunch of fleas in a jar and put a lid on
the jar, the fleas will jump up and collide with the
jar lid.

They quickly adjust how high they jump so they
won’t hit the lid. After they adjust their jumping
power to avoid the lid…

…you can take the lid off of the jar and the fleas
will not jump out!

They will have trained themselves to jump so high
and no higher.

The fleas actually become slaves to their experience
and imprison themselves inside the jar…

…even though they could jump out at any time after
the lid is removed.

now, its all cool if we’re talking about the fleas. But its
NOT FUNNY if we’re talking about people…

…people who’ve been programmed to believe that the
only way to live life is to go to school, get good grades,
get a job, and do your 9-5 job for the next 30-40 years…

our society has systematically trained us to be a FLEA,
and that’s why, we believe that we have limitations….

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best regards
Carlos Mahutana