Newspapers Alive: BETTER Than Safelist Mailers

What percentage of your signups this week came from newspapers advertising? If you answered anything less than 50% you are DEFINITELY leaving money on the table.

Hello everyone, I’m Candace Lee and for 6 weeks I’ve been testing and evaluating Newspapers Alive for AMAZING results and am happy to finally share it with you all now!

NPA runs business opportunity advertisements in newspapers, rapidly expanding into 30,000 towns & cities across the United States.

NPA customers are able to present their offer pages to THOUSANDS of offline business opportunity seekers, through newspaper ads, every single day and they are converting these seekers into buyers.

Okay everyone, listen up. I’m about to show you how simple it is to PROFIT from this amazing Newspaper Traffic campaign.

Step 1. Join Newspapers Alive by clicking one of 3 packages below.

Go To:

Step 2. Select your initial 3 zones for circulation.

Step 3. Edit your offer page.

Step 4. Track you Campaign.

Hundreds of people just like you have completed these 4 simple steps and are profiting MORE from newspapers than ANYTHING else.

Jeff Wilson is a perfect example of this. He’s a Newspapers Alive member and here are his thoughts on Newspapers Alive…

“Business is GREAT”.. I always wondered about running ads for my website in large amounts of newspapers, so I was exited when I first watched the sales video. I was shocked by how little time it took to get the bulk of my sales from Newspapers Alive.

I chose to join with Package 1. Then after signing up on the order page I selected 3 zones based on your recommendation. Simple enough. Next I loaded the offer page editor and wrote a short description of my business. I then entered my URL, and saved the page. The last thing I did was keep an eye on my campaign stats, which kept me updated on how many people were viewing my offer, and where they were from. It was super easy and im seeing some impressive sales numbers.

You guys do all the work, I just reap all the benefits.

– Jeff Wilson

When you join by clicking one of the advertising packages, your business will receive hundreds of DAILY business opportunity visitors from The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and visitors from up 30,000 other town and cities across the United States.

Newspaper Advertising is BACK FROM THE DEAD. Complete Step 1 by clicking your preferred traffic package.

I will list my personal contact details below so I can work with my fellow NPA members on a one-on-one basis.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all!

Candace Lee