ListGeniePro: New Upgrade Bonus – 15 to 30 VIP Safelist Upgrades!

Hi there, it’s Dave Mosher again in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX to announce the NEW Launch of ListGeniePro!

If you have leads from great sources such as MyLeadGenSecret, LeadFlow247, or others (no bulk lists), you need ListGeniePro!

Up To 25,000 Subscribers As Low As 15.00/mo!

Import from 500 to 1000 Leads Per Day!

It’s An Autoresponder!

It’s A Safelist!

It’s An Ad-Tracker!

It’s A Link Rotator!

It’s A Splash-Page Builder!

It’s A Capture-Page Builder!

It’s A Downline Builder!

Pays upgraded members 40% Referral Commissions!

Silver Members receive 15 VIP Safelist Upgrades!

Gold Members receive 30 VIP Safelist Upgrades!

When we reach 250 Upgraded Members, you will start to receive 25 to 50 daily leads added to your account.

Watch the Video!

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