3 Keys to Six-Figures a Year?

Hey [First_Name],

Recently I was having lunch with a “kid” (he’s in his 20’s) who routinely makes over $30,000 a month.
Now, I know of guys who have worked over 30 years and barely make that in an entire year. So of course I wanted to know how he did it. He chalks it up to 3 Key things:

1) Be willing to invest in yourself EVEN if you’re uncertain about the outcome.
This is what successful entrepreneurs do. They make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. To create change you have to create new habits. As you’re creating new habits feelings such as fear and anxiety may set in. Know that it’s just a change that’s happening in your brain and is completely normal. It’s the key to rewiring yourself for success:-)

2) Find a mentor that has what you want & learn everything you can from them.

3) Take Massive Action & Simplify Your Business Achieve mastery in one area of your business before moving onto the next.
This is critical, especially if you’re just getting started. More importantly, you need to have a system that you can follow that eliminates all the guess work. This kid makes the money he does because he found a company that has both: a proven system AND a mentor.

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Honestly, I wish this was something that I had when I started out. It would have shaved years off my path to financial freedom.

Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Ditch the learning curve and jump straight into success.

To your success,

William Bauman