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This New Mailer is Giving Away Solo Ads


New safelist mailer launches are a great way to get more signups and sales for whatever you promote. All those new members are looking for links to click and sites to sign up for.

That is why I am excited to tell you about Heat Wave Mailer today!

Heat Wave Mailer just launched on July 6th and is going to be a great traffic sources for business opportunities and traffic products. It has all the latest technology to ensure that your emails get opened and clicked!

If you join Heat Wave Mailer now, then you will get a gift of 1,000 free mailing credits. This will let you send your emails to 1,000 people without having to click to earn credits. Truly free traffic for you.

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ENDS SUNDAY – Guaranteed to Win Up to $50


Limitless Mailer is passing 1,000 members in just over a week. Best of all, the traffic coming from the program is generating signups and sales for the members.

The current click rate on emails is over 10%. Over 100 visitors for sending a single email!

Limitless Mailer lets you send as many emails as you want, as long as you have credits. No waiting times before you can send another email. Send multiple emails everyday.

For the last few days, they have had a special bonus for all new members. However, it ends at midnight on Sunday night, so you need to join now.

Every member wins a GUARANTEED prize worth at least $7. Some will win cash prizes of up to $50 just for joining a free site! After you log into your account, the button to “Spin the Wheel” is right on the main member dashboard page.

Join Limitless Mailer today for free, be a guaranteed winner, and experience traffic without limits.



BOOM! – 400 Signups Since Yesterday


You need more quality website visitors to the web pages and programs you promote. That is a fact!

However, most safelist and mailer programs limit how often you can send your emails, even if you have enough credits! You send an email and have to wait up to a week before you can send another.

Those limits have been removed at Limitless Mailer, which just launched.

You can send as many emails as you want … as often as you want … as long as you have credits to use.

Send 10 emails a day to the entire membership if you want! That will mean hundreds of visitors to your site. Simple and easy.

Join Limitless Mailer today for free and experience traffic without limits.



$250 in Free Gifts Inside This Email


It has been a difficult year, so let’s end it on a high note. I am giving away $250 in free gifts with his 14 Days of Christmas giveaway. No purchase necessary, just a new gift every day from December 21st to January 3rd.

Today is the first day of the giveaway, and you can get 1 Month of Premium Membership at WebBizInsider for FREE!

That will give you 30,000 Ad Credits over the next 30 days plus the ability to send your emails daily instead of every 3 days. You also get Double Credits when clicking and 50% commissions.

You can claim the prize if you are already a member, or if you haven’t joined yet. Either way, you score BIG!

Just click the link below to get your gift.



Get Cash to Promote 100 Percent Traffic


The NEW 100 Percent Traffic just hit 2,100 mailable members in just 12 days.

As the highest converting launch of the “Your Viral” launches in the last 11 months, it has been a great tool to build the list of members and also send high quality traffic to their sites.

At 100 Percent Traffic, you can email over 2,100 members with your offer or lead capture page and get excellent traffic in return. Emails are averaging over 100 clicks each.

In addition, if you promote 100 Percent Traffic, then every referral you get is also added to your auto-responder list at leading sites like AWeber or Get Response. With an average conversion rate of just over 200 visitors per signup, it will build YOUR list.

For this week, I am offering a special bonus as well, if you promote your referral url at a targeted list of 21 other traffic sites. Any signup you get from those 21 sites will earn you $1 cash and 500 mailing credits. Daily prize giveaways to everyone who promotes too!

Join the NEW 100 Percent Traffic today … the highest converting mailer launch in the last year.



The REAL Innovation in Mailers is …


Do you know what has been the biggest innovation in mailers in the last 10 years … direct ability to build YOUR list.

Only the mailers of the “Your Viral” network have it, and the latest launch of TopTierMailer is the fastest growing yet.

The NEW TopTierMailer has added almost 3,000 members in barely more than 2 weeks and is getting over 100 clicks average for every email sent.

In addition, every person who joins the program from promoting your referral url gets added to YOUR autoresponder list. We have added almost 100,000 subscribers to the lists of members using the “Your Viral” system in less than 12 months.

If you join now, before we hit 3,000 members, you can send your first email to 2,000 members without having to click to earn credits

As soon as you join, we will add 2,000 credits to your account so you can send right away.

Join today to send your free solo email from the fastest growing mailer launch!


Why You Need Another Mailer

When you heard that I had just launched a new mailer, you might have been thinking …

“The last thing I need is another safelist mailer!  I can’t keep track of the ones I already have!”

I understand and feel that way myself sometimes.  

However, when you think that you don’t “need” another mailer, then you would be wrong.  Here’s why …

Reason to Join # 1 – New Programs Present New Opportunity!

Whenever a quality program launches, many people rush to join.  This means lots of fresh prospects who are anxious to use the new program.  They click links, earn credits, and PAY ATTENTION to your ads. 

Sounds like a great mixture to get results.  Actual stats go along with this as many people get amazing results by mailing in the first couple of weeks at a new program

Reason to Join # 2 – Another “Kick at the Can” for Referrals!

Your Viral Mailer has added over 1,600 members in under two weeks.  That means that those who have been promoting just got a chance to add those people to their list and to earn commissions.  

When a new program is launched, the slate is cleared and you now have a chance to compete and refer those people to be under you!

Reason to Join # 3 – High Conversions!

You work hard for every visitor you generate.  You click links to earn credits, you pay for upgrades and credits, you consistently log in and send out ads.  

Don’t you want to get the biggest benefit for your time spent.  How about promoting a new program that gets a signup for every 200 visitors instead of an older program that might require over 1,000 visitors per signup.  That is 5 times the work for the same result.  New programs convert at high conversion ratios!

If you haven’t joined Your Viral Mailer yet, then use this link to join us.   

Matthew Graves

A 16,900% Increase In Results

Did you know that there are free traffic sources that convert 16,900% better than others?

Yes, it is true and proven by analyzing over a half million visitors a week.

What I am talking about is the Top 50 Converting Sites list at

They give you the 50 Best Converting and 10 Worst Converting traffic websites. The difference between the worst converting and best converting site is 16,900%.

The same amount of traffic from the best converting site would generate 169 signups but from the worst converting site would only generate 1 signup.

Where is your traffic coming from? Are you wasting your hard work clicking to earn credits at the worst sites?

I think you will be surprised by some of the names on the lists.

Join Your Viral List for free to get access to all the information!


Have You Seen My Daily Quick Starter?


On January 1st, I started a daily video show on Periscope, with replays available on my Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

I am offering quick 5 to 10 minute tips to help Supercharge Your Success.

Watch the replay below on my YouTube channel to learn about why you need to focus on Platform first and Embassies second.

Make sure you click the Subscribe button in YouTube so you don’t miss any episodes.



[BONUS INSIDE] Did You Get Covert Commissions?

Hi there,

Did you get Covert Commissions in their record-breaking launch this month?

If so, I have a special bonus for you … even if you bought it from someone else!

Covert Commissions has changed the Internet Marketing game by creating pre-built funnels for some of the most popular products on JVZoo and ClickBank.

What does that mean for you?

You just send traffic to your own unique funnel link and you get the list-building and follow up system of the “gurus” without having to create a single webpage or autoresponder email.

It allows beginners to operate and succeed like the pros.

I hope you already grabbed it, but if you didn’t, then there is a link below for you to learn about all it offers.

Once you purchase it, forward me your JVZoo receipt to to claim your bonus. Everyone who purchased Covert Commissions, even if it wasn’t from my link, gets a free solo email from Supercharged Solo Ads guaranteed to give you a minimum of 1,000 clicks to your site.

If you did purchase from one of my links, let me know in the email and I will increase your bonus to ten (yes 10!) solo emails instead. That is a $97 bonus that you get for free!