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Welcome to The Future [FULL_NAME]!!
Are you tired of putting banners up all over the internet to never get the traffic you desire? Do you get the traffic, but your sales are not increasing and your downlines are still empty? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!

Testimonial/Demonstration Ads are the newest way to really capture an audience and be successful in marketing today.
Have you ever done a testimonial video for your company or done a demonstration video for your product? What if you could get thousands of people to see it with your direct referral link for them to follow without having to worry about the “most effective” search terms?
Sounds AMAZING, Right? Can you believe that people are doing just that right now?

Well now you don’t have to imagine!! We are doing that!! We have created a way for your videos to be shown to thousands of people and hear why YOU like your product or business! Your link will literally be right there for them to click and GO! That my friends will absolutely increase your wallet size!

MammaBearsRevShares is a forward thinking company that has incorporated the Testimonial/Demonstration Video Ad into our Revenue Sharing company. We are just starting out and now is the time to get onboard with the FUTURE OF ADVERTISING! The best part is that from now until October 31, 2015 when we launch you can get a free ad spot to try!!
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Don’t Forget our PTC pay .01

Thank You,
Angela Sparks Delagrange

Requested Info From Facebook Member

Hello 🙂
We have previously spoken about different online opportunities and I just wanted to follow up with you and re-connect. I know that we all are doing different things online and we are all really looking to make money without sitting at the computer all day. I have stumbled across an opportunity and wanted to just let you know about it and what it has done for my business. My commissions have doubled from the traffic My Paying Ads has sent me as well as earning an additional residual income. Please take a moment and watch this free video about how I did it and how you can do it too 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to ask me 🙂

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