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By now, you probably know that BoB stands for BucketsofBanners

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Our Paypal replacement, which is Skrill, has been added as


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This traffic source got me so far 6,854 unique visitors…


That’s right, so far 6,854 unique visitors and all

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If you’ve ever spent money on any paid-traffic,

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You can never be certain that you’ll make a

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It used to be one of the best strategies for us

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And the strategies that do work today, are often

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…Or so I thought, until I watched this video,

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Check out this video for all the details…

This guy, Brian Cooper, is a disabled vet. He

lost use of one of his hands, and after coming

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But he didn’t let that get in the way.

The guy’s not even the computer savvy type. He

talks about his experience using this new

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Skip ahead and watch this video for all the


This system is…

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P.S. – They’ll be closing their doors for new

applicants soon, and they won’t be taking

any more.

Here’s that link again…