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Deserve your worth today

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Get more retweets and followers

We all need traffic and exposure to our promotions. How can you get 200% more action on Twitter? Get more followers and retweets which would equal more exposure and much more traffic. There are certain psychological triggers that you can pull to make your visitors tweet your stuff.
Ask your visitors for a tweet. Believe it or not when asked most people will retweet. Use the call to action words besides the typical “click here”. People like to retweet and comment on articles that make them look good. People love tweeting smart things, useful things, funny things, timely things, etc.
“Tweetable Quotes” Phenomenon
There’s one cool tactic that combines all psychological triggers that I have explained above.

It’s called “Tweetable Quotes” and many pro bloggers have been using it for quite a long time.
So why Tweetable Quotes work so well in making visitors tweet more?

with Tweetable Quotes you give your readers some great copy to tweet (which will make them look good);
Tweetable Quotes are hard to miss, because they are styled differently from the rest of the copy and catch the eye;
Tweetable Quotes have a “tweet this” call-to-action on them;
it’s super easy to tweet them – you just need to click on them.

Introducing TweetDis
TweetDis is a WordPress plugin, that will turn any piece of text into a fancy looking Tweetable Quotes

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Awesome Paid Site

So I was doing what I do everyday and that is search for fun ways to earn extra cash. You know the kind of thing that I don’t have to beg people to buy, or exaggerate about how awesome it is. Just want something simple I can do after dinner, before bed, whenever, just extra cash, and I found this site called AmazeClicks. Maybe you have heard of it, but I sure haven’t. Its fun, they have a prize wheel for cash, contests, and then of course the pay per click. I think its better then paidadverts and I love them! Anyway just check it out, I mean who couldnt use some extra cash?


Deserve your worth today

How about exploring ways to make extra cash without affiliate marketing for a change. Simple things you can do to make cash and organize your life. Since I have been researching new fun ways to make extra money I found some interesting things. These are not make it rich ideas, but since I have been implementing them into my everyday routine I have made a couple hundred bucks in 3 days. Some I won;t earn for a month but it was set and forget!
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explore coconut oil

Coconut oil might just be the most versatile health food on the planet. Not only is it my favorite cooking oil, but coconut oil uses are numerous and can extend to being a form of natural medicine, be used for natural beauty treatments and so much more.
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I am a new online money maker and these work for me…finally


Being a newbie I have been struggling big time. I was looking for an online business that I can call my own… I would get all excited when I saw a new system….BUT what I hated is I would spend time watching the presentation never to discover what the secret is to making money in 30 60 or whatever minutes, but I purchased thinking I can do this…Wrong I was, they didn’t mention how, where, and that you really need a following of some sort to basically “sell” what you just watched.. After many failed attempts at these systems, I finally found some that have worked for me. I have at least tripled my investment in a week, that might not seem like a lot to you but with all the other “make money online” deals I have done with NO success this is huge!

Please let me know what you think and if you have any
Learn and discover what has worked for me, a huge newbie to online money making.

So if you are a newbie like me these is totally for you, if you have been doing this online thing for a while this is a no-brainer! I don’t copy and paste emails, this is my true story. Have you ever noticed some emails have the same subject or content? Those are the emails I ignore. I have spent hundreds of dollars and hours on systems that you have to promote to make money, I wanted a system that I would want to share and promote because they make me an income, not for the only way to make money.
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Awesome money money the easy way

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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Popup
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