Create Unlimited Video Funnels with VideoPOP Funnels


A new software just launched VIDEOPOP FUNNELS.

It allows you to create pop video call to actions
that jump onto from your screen drawing the attention
of your visitor… and INTERACTING with them!

I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like it.. It is
the next generation of what video and the internet
is all about!

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Think about it – a user is visiting your website.. they
decide to scroll away and you, or one of the supplied
actors, “pops up” inside of a video offering a discount
or even asking why they are leaving.

OR the popup can happen almost immediately, asking the
site visitor to go to the “next step”.

You can add one, two or even four buttons to the bottom
of the video asking them a question, taking them to
different solutions to their problem or inquiry!


Not only that, there are ready-made funnels already in
place to help you build your list and more!

So here’s what you can do with “VPF”:

– Within minutes create call to action
videos that appear anywhere on your

– A HUGE BANK of professional actors and actresses
are at your disposal, you don’t even have to
use your own videos!

– Add various call to actions under the videos
either directing your users to links,
additional funnels, new videos, and
much much more…

– Your Video Pop Funnels can either Pop-up
when a user arrives or exits your page

– Track your statistics and see whether
your Video Pop Funnels are working or

– Get notified as site visitors interact
with your pop-ups

– Sky rocket your conversions throughout
your sales funnel using Video Pop funnels
as a downsell or additional offer call
to action.

– Online software so works from anywhere
with both Macs and PCs! (Just grab some
code and paste on your page!)
Here’s what to do now:


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2. Log in to your membership with the details
that will be sent to you, and within minutes you
can be creating your video pop funnels!
Outstanding software, one of a kind, enjoy!