Zabang S.Engine is in Prelaunch

Zabang Is here!
Have you ever “just missed” one of those *big* opportunities that you *knew* could have been BIG for you… if you’d just *acted*?
What about a piece of Google or Yahoo, would you have accepted a piece of their pie when they launched, way back then?
Well here is a chance at an the opportunity with Zabang Search Engine. Zabang is in its Prelaunch and fast approaching phase 2 of the launch.
Zabang is the Search Engine for 100% Mobile site listings
With the entire world going mobile through their smartphones, the timing and opportunity are perfect.
No other search engine offers an affiliate program that pays, Zabang will be.

At launch you will have access to the back office with new marketing tools 
to build your list of affiliates 2 levels deep.

Not Sure whether it is for you
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To your success.